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Rag Slate

Rag slate is remarkably popular in Cornwall, especially on period properties, so M.R.Roofing & Leadwork have gained considerable experience working with these traditional slates.

Rag slates are characterised by the use of large irregular shaped slabs with a rough natural slate finish. They are fixed by nail directly to the rafters; starting with the largest near the eaves and verges, but become progressively smaller towards the top of the roof.

It requires great skill to cut the slates, since they have a wide rectangular shape that demands particular attention when fitting. These quintessentially Cornish slates are typical of North Cornwall and increasingly difficult find.

Scantle Slate

Scantle slate requires a series of techniques using irregular shaped slabs that are somewhat smaller than rag slates. The larger slates are placed near the verge to provide greater protection against the wind, followed by progressively smaller pieces towards the ridge.

Scantle slates are very popular in Cornwall on older properties and represent a very traditional form of roofing. The slates are hung onto riven laths using wooden pegs and often bedded into lime mortar.

Brazilian Slate

Brazilian slate is the most commonly used slate type in Cornwall these days, especially on new build properties, primarily thanks to it's outstanding value for money, matched by long lasting quality.

Natural Brazilian slate is selected from the finest Brazilian locations and available in either grey green or graphite colours. It comes in a variety of sizes, while offering a flat surface and attractive shade variations for a long lasting roof that can withstand the most severe weather conditions.

When fitted properly, it will last for the lifetime of a building and is perfectly suited to situations, from domestic homes right up to schools, supermarkets and large office buildings.

Delabole Slate

Delabole slate is sourced locally right here in Cornwall as a premium product, noted for extreme durability. It has a reputation and tradition like no other, taken from mines that have existed for over 800 years as the oldest and largest natural slate quarry in the entire country.

Each slate is hand made using traditional methods at the Delabole quarry with skills that have been handed down from generation to the next to provide an unparalleled final result. As experienced craftsmen, we really appreciate the quality when fitting this fine product for our customers.

Man-Made Slate

Man-Made slates are a popular alternative to natural slates. They are lightweight and noted for easy handling, which can cut installation time and costs.

They provide an economic alternative to natural roofing materials and frequently used on new build or refurbishment projects; including houses or flat-to-pitched roof conversions.

Velux Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnels bring natural light into the darkest of places, by allowing sunlight to pass through the roof and ceiling. This natural changing of the light through the day can be experienced anywhere with a roof.

The latest generation of Velux sun tunnels have been totally redesigned with a number of improvements that make installation faster and easier, so the tube assembly time has been reduced by fifty percent.

Velux Roof Light Windows

Velux roof light

Velux Roof Light windows bring your indoor spaces to life in ways that a simple lamp cannot begin to match. They are a premium choice for design conscious home owners with a variety of types, such as dome shaped, flat or even with blinds.

Sloping or vertical roof light combinations create beautiful light filled rooms and built to withstand the harshest of whether conditions, from hail storms to strong Cornish coastal winds.

Marley And Redland Profile Tiles

As Cornwall's leading roofers, we are happy to provide Marley and Redland profile tiles, which are perfect for creating fantastic finishes to traditional pitch roof designs with a comprehensive range of products.

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