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Chimney Maintenance

Chimney repairs is a frequent part of our work, including general maintenance, rebuilding or complete removal. Click on the links below for more information.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repairs can cover a number of areas and it's not uncommon for us to quote on two homes sharing the same bank of chimneys. Among other signs of potential problems, areas of damp on a plastered chimney breast can indicate repair work is needed.

We are experienced with the older style chimneys, built with lime mortar in addition to cement based types found more commonly on modern houses. Old mortar joints may become loose or erode with age, so repointing maintenance is a sensible measure to avoid bigger bills at a later stage.

Sometimes the chimney pots also require repair. This can result from frost derived delamination with the appearance of flaking. Cracked mortar flaunching that hold the pots can also result from longterm exposure to extreme weather, leading to water penetration.

Sometimes it's advisable to fit an anti-down draft chimney cowl and a simple bird guard or even a lightning protection system, however homeowners should always ensure this work is carried out by qualified professionals.

Chimney Rebuild

Due to neglect or damage a complete chimney rebuild is sometimes the only realistic option. This involves taking down the existing chimney and completely rebuilding it to the same height as the original, but in brand new working condition.

The aim is to achieve sympathetic styling in keeping with the general property. Indeed where possible, we would aim to make use of the original bricks on period properties, so the character of the building is retained.

Chimney Removal

Chimney removal should only be carried out in accordance with the relevant building regulations. Indeed, listed buildings or properties in conservation areas may require planning permission before work can commence.

This is normally a job that two roofers can complete in half a day, however a larger chimney could take anything up to two days for a safe completion. The area covering the chimney stack will need to be structurally repaired, involving a new layer of roofing felt, timbers and tiles. We aim to do this in a manner that minimises differences compared to older tiles.

For any questions you have about chimney maintenance or removal, make sure you contact us, so we can provide you with the right solution, handled by our fully qualified and skilled craftsmen.